PriestmanGoode models autonomous taxi


PriestmanGoode has unveiled a concept for a driverless, electric ride-hailing vehicle for London, which the design firm hopes could join the red double-decker bus in the ranks of the city’s iconic transport designs. Confidently dubbed a New Car for London, its angular profile was informed by the capital’s brutalist buildings. Interior finishes are reminiscent of the Tube’s distinctive upholstery and an umbrella stand with an integrated dryer accounts for the English weather. “Cities risk losing their unique identity as a result of the globalisation of the major ride-share apps. We wanted to address this,” said PriestmanGoode’s creative director Dan Window. “While our new concept could be adapted to any global city, the vehicle you see here has been designed with London in mind.” “The idea is for the New Car for London to live alongside the city’s existing transport icons, like the Tube, the double-decker bus or the black cab, and create a new offer that adds to London’s great transport landscape.”


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